What I like best about our work as economic experts is that we get to unveil the story that's behind the data. Data doesn't get generated in a vacuum - the different pieces of the data puzzle fit together and it's always a challenge to figure out how.

"I come to work each day looking forward to uncovering new solutions to the diverse array of challenges our clients face. It is fulfilling to know that the work we do has such enormous value and that our services are always in high demand."

Michael Trousdale, Senior Economist

Why Econ One?

Real experience means real value. Econ One economists have been educated in some of the country’s best graduate programs. But it’s our years of experience in applying theory to real-world questions that set us apart. We know how to combine theoretical and empirical analyses. We not only have the capability to develop sophisticated economic and econometric models, we have the experience and know how to dig through the data and documents to make sure the facts of the case match the theory of the case. By using analytical approaches grounded in the state-of-the-art economic methods, we’re able to build a meaningful model that withstands scrutiny one based on the reality of the business and on data appropriate for the task.

In economics, good research goes much further than numbers alone. It entails careful consideration of all that the numbers might mean, including some things that are not readily apparent. Through careful, thorough research, we strive not to miss the subtle implication or alternative explanation. When we present our conclusions, we have answers for the questions we set out to tackle and for less obvious, often crucial questions others might not think to ask.

Our clients are at the center of the Econ One universe.

Our job is more than collecting data, producing charts, creating tables and then leaving it to the clients to reach their own conclusions. We take our clients through the research one step at a time. We present our conclusions logically using concepts that are easy to understand. It’s a process that is practical and productive. Our experienced project management minimizes learning time, false starts and unnecessary costs while ensuring the efficient use of resources. It doesn’t take an economist to tell you it all adds up to value for our clients.