Advanced Research Chemical, Inc. v. Praxair, Inc.

Mike Harris submitted an expert report on behalf of plaintiff that detailed the damages suffered as a result of an alleged breach of contract by the defendant. Plaintiff is a manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemicals and defendant is a supplier of industrial gases and related technology. The parties entered into a Strategic Alliance Agreement with the primary purpose of synthesizing and marketing an ultra-pure grade of tungsten hexaflouride (WF 6) to the semiconductor industry. Plaintiff claims that defendant breached the agreement and defendant filed a counterclaim alleging that the plaintiff breached the agreement.

Dr. Harris’ report included an in-depth study of the historical and forecasted worldwide market for WF 6 and the but-for commercial success of the agreement. Dr. Harris also filed a companion report that discussed the issues to be considered in an assessment of punitive damages should the court deem that such an award was appropriate.