AndroGel Antitrust Litigation

The plaintiffs are a class of direct purchasers of the brand name prescription drug AndroGel, a testosterone gel. They allege that the defendant violated antitrust laws by improperly delaying the market entry of cheaper generic substitutes to AndroGel.

Econ One has been retained by counsel for the plaintiffs. Jeffrey Leitzinger submitted an expert report relating to class certification issues. Those issues included the likely impact of a delay in generic competition on the class members, the availability of common, class-wide economic evidence and methodologies that would demonstrate class-wide impact in the form of overcharges, and whether those overcharges could be calculated as a whole on an aggregate basis using reliable methodologies. Dr. Leitzinger also submitted an expert report addressing the issues of monopoly power, market definition, and aggregate overcharge damages. He has provided deposition testimony in this matter.