Barnes, et al. v. District of Columbia

The plaintiff class was a group of former inmates at the District of Columbia jail who alleged that: (1) certain inmates were held past the date on which they were entitled to release; and (2) certain inmates were subjected to full body cavity searches after being entitled to a court-ordered release.

Econ One was retained by counsel for the plaintiffs to: (1) analyze the District of Columbia’s inmate accounting databases; and (2) construct a sampling design for selecting hard-copy documents of individuals who were potentially over-detained and/or strip-searched after being entitled to release. Brian Kriegler collaborated with plaintiffs’ legal expert, who analyzed these hard-copy documents, to estimate the total number of over-detentions, over-detention hours, and strip searches after being court-ordered release. Dr. Kriegler provided deposition testimony on two occasions and also testified at trial. After the parties agreed to a settlement during the trial, Dr. Kriegler assisted in the class member notification process.