Clarke and Rebecca Wixon, et al. v. Wyndham Resort Development Corp., et al.

The plaintiffs are a class of purchasers of certain WorldMark, The Club vacation credits who did not also enroll in the TravelShare program that subsequently was enacted by Wyndham Resort Development Corp. The plaintiffs allege that the TravelShare program altered prior WorldMark, The Club policies and, as a result, the value of the plaintiffs’ vacation credits were diminished.

Econ One was retained by counsel for the plaintiffs to opine on class certification issues and damages. Russell Lamb submitted two expert reports related to class certification issues and was deposed twice regarding those issues. The Court subsequently certified the class, noting that Dr. Lamb “presented a plausible class-wide method of proof.” Dr. Lamb later submitted two expert reports related to damages and was deposed once regarding those reports. The parties have reached a proposed settlement of the litigation