DealerTrack, Inc. v. RouteOne, LLC; David L. Huber, and Finance Express, LLC

The parties in this ongoing case are providers of automated automobile loan application systems that allow auto dealers to send consumer loan applications to multiple lenders simultaneously. Before the development of these automated systems, auto dealers had to manually fill out and send separate loan applications (predominantly via facsimile) sequentially to lenders. DealerTrack has sued for patent infringement, alleging that both defendants have utilized its patented technology for sending multi-lender loan applications. Econ One was retained by the plaintiff’s counsel to analyze possible damages. Charles Mahla estimated DealerTrack’s damages as comprising both lost profits and lost royalties. Dr. Mahla’s analysis focused on the fact that it was likely that, but for RouteOne’s infringement, DealerTrack would have contracted with the four largest captive lenders, including GMAC and Toyota Motor Credit Corp. Dr. Mahla has submitted an expert report and also provided deposition testimony.