Gonzalez, et al., v. State of Arizona, et al.

Proposition 200, an Arizona state initiative passed in November 2004 as a way to prevent non-citizens from voting, requires that: (1) individuals produce proof of citizenship before they may register to vote; and (2) all voters must show identification before they are allowed to vote at the polls. The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund filed a lawsuit on behalf of numerous individuals and organizations alleging that this proposition contains restrictions that impede U.S. citizens seeking to vote.

Econ One was retained by counsel for the plaintiffs to provide statistical analyses of the Arizona voter polls, rejected voter registration applications, and uncounted ballots. Based on the analyses he conducted, Louis Lanier testified at trial that Proposition 200 had resulted in the rejection of over 38,000 voter registration forms and thousands of ballots since its implementation in early 2005. Dr. Lanier also opined that the law had disproportionately affected the population of naturalized Hispanic citizens who are of voting age in Arizona.