In re Medical Waste Services Antitrust Litigation (MDL 1546)

In each of these matters, the plaintiff is a class of purchasers of medical waste services (MWS) — the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of potentially hazardous medical waste — from Stericycle. One class is purchasers located in California and the other class is purchasers located in Arizona, Colorado and Utah. Plaintiffs allege that Stericycle has monopolized MWS in these states, which has resulted in supra-competitive pricing. Econ One was retained to assist plaintiffs’ counsel in the class certification stage of each litigation and, assuming one or both of the classes is certified, to estimate the damages suffered by the plaintiff classes as a result of Stericycle’s alleged illegal conduct. Thus far, Jeff Leitzinger has submitted two expert reports and provided deposition testimony regarding the question of whether the classes should be certified.