In re: TFT-LCD Antitrust Litigation

From the late 1990s to the mid-2000s, manufacturers of TFT-LCD panels (display components used in notebook computers, computer monitors and televisions) allegedly conspired to keep the prices of their product artificially high.

Econ One and Prof. Kenneth Flamm analyzed issues relating to the certification of a class that included direct purchasers of TFT-LCD panels and finished products that contained TFT-LCD panels.

After the class was certified Prof. Flamm examined how effective the cartel was while Dr. Edward Leamer estimated class damages.

Dr. Johnson was separately retained by Proview Technologies, a company that bought TFT-LCD panels to use in monitors, to testify about damages they incurred due to the illegal cartels. Toshiba was ultimately found liable for damages to direct purchasers while other defendants settled prior to trial. Total damages were several hundred million dollars.