Synopsys, Inc. v. Magma Design Automation, Inc.

The parties are two makers of EDA (electronic design automation) software which is used to design complex integrated circuits (chips). At issue were four patents that each party asserted as their own.

Econ One was retained by counsel for the plaintiff in two separate patent infringement actions brought against Magma. In the first action, the tables were turned in a patent suit first brought by Magma when Synopsys alleged that a former employee’s improper actions led to Magma being awarded certain patents that were, in fact, owned by Synopsys. After the court determined that Synopsys owned the patents, Jeffrey Leitzinger submitted a damages report and provided deposition testimony. A second case was brought in which Synopsys alleged that Magma infringed one of its patents and Magma alleged that Synopsys infringed several of its patents. After Dr. Leitzinger submitted a damages report in this second action, the parties settled all pending litigation with Magma paying $12.5 million to Synopsys.