Synopsys, Inc. v. Nassda Corporation

Synopsys sued Nassda alleging infringement of two patents relating to electronic design automation software which is used to test semiconductor chip designs. Synopsys also sued Nassda in a separate state proceeding, alleging that Nassda had misappropriated trade secrets from Synopsys and charging several Nassda executives (who previously had worked for Synopsys) with breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty. Nassda countersued, alleging antitrust violations by Synopsys.

Econ One was retained by counsel for Synopsys in all these matters. Jeffrey Leitzinger submitted three expert reports–two in connection with Synopsys’ patent infringement damages, and another that responded to Nassda’s antitrust claims. Dr. Leitzinger also provided deposition testimony. Nassda’s antitrust claims subsequently were dismissed on summary judgment. Both of the patent infringement claims and the pending state litigation were resolved prior to trial when Synopsys agreed to acquire Nassda.