Terry Boyd, et al. v. LandSafe, et al.

In this wage & hour class action lawsuit, the plaintiffs were a class of residential appraisers who alleged that that they should have been classified as non-exempt (rather than salary exempt) employees, and thus were entitled to compensation relating to overtime and missed meal/rest breaks.

Econ One was retained by counsel for the plaintiffs to: (1) develop a survey of residential appraisers to assess how long it took to complete various types of appraisals (e.g., 1004s, 2055s, etc.); and (2) calculate classwide damages. Drs. Brian Kriegler and Jessica Broome collaborated with counsel for both parties, along with the defendants’ consultants to design such a survey. Additionally, using the results from the survey in conjunction with timekeeping and payroll data, Dr. Kriegler submitted an expert report in which he opined on classwide damages. The case settled prior to trial.