Leslie Schafer’s Trademark Webinar 1/24

Senior Economist, Leslie Schafer, will join Azita Mirzaian of Pierce Law Group, Naresh Kilaru, Esq. of Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner and Leigh Gill, Esq. of Immix Law Group for this informative webinar which will include an overview of the various trademark infringement remedies available, including monetary recovery, injunctive relief and statutory damages. You’ll learn the theories used to recover costs lost by the trademark owners, including lost profits and remedial costs, as well as theories used to recover profits from the infringer. Dr. Leslie Schafer will also discuss the benefits of using an economist in trademark litigation and ways to calculate different types of damages. In conclusion, the panel’s experienced trademark litigators will review useful trademark case law and the recent trends regarding reasonable royalties in trademark litigation damages.

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