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Brian Kriegler article Wage and Hour
July 17, 2019

Read Dr. Brian Kriegler's Latest article.

Dr. Kriegler’s latest article focuses on verifying confidence intervals in the Wage-And-Hour context.  The article explores one type of statistical output that frequently is presented to the trier of fact: confidence intervals for population (classwide) data characteristics.  …

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Atanu Saha and Alex Rinaudo article
February 20, 2019

What An Economic Analysis Reveals About ERISA Litigation by Atanu Saha & Alex Rinaudo

Read Atanu and Alex’s article here. For more information, please visit our Finance & Securities practice area.

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Law360 article (Leslie Schafer)
February 11, 2019

The Price of an Improperly Disclosed Social Media Ad by Managing Director- Leslie Schafer

Read Leslie’s latest article for The article discusses the remedies available to the FTC against companies and social media influencers for a break of the FTC Act’s rule against deceptive advertising. The article also discusses ways in which monetary remedies might be calcula…

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Managing Directors Amar and Leslie
January 31, 2019

Meet Managing Directors- Amarita Natt and Leslie Schafer!

Meet our two newest Managing Directors-Amarita Natt and Leslie Schafer!  

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law360 article Marc Martos-Vila
January 30, 2019

3 Reasons Cryptocurrency May Raise Antitrust Issues by Sr. Economist- Marc Martos-Vila.

Read Marc’s new Law360 article about bitcoin-related markets potentially being the subject of antitrust concerns.

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