An Inside Look at Economics with the experts of Econ One.

Episode #15

Is Antitrust up for the challenge of taking on Amazon?

Join Managing Director Hal Singer as he discusses his Forbes.com article: How To Stop Amazon From Swallowing The Internet.

Episode #14

A look into LIBOR manipulation.

Join Senior Economist, Dr. Marc Martos-Vila, as he discusses LIBOR manipulation.

Episode #13

A look at Data Science from an Economist point of view.

Join Dr. Amarita Natt as she discusses how Economists look what exactly data analysis and predictive modeling for businesses mean.

Episode #12

An introduction to pass-through in price-fixing litigation.

Join Armen Markosyan as he gives a primer on the concept of pass-through in price-fixing litigation. He also discusses some of the challenges and complexities he faces as an economist in these types of cases.

Episode #11

A look at how to work with an expert using regression analysis.

Join Eric Forister as he discusses best practices when working with an expert using regression analysis.