An Inside Look at Economics with the experts of Econ One.

Episode #10

A look at how the FTC is handling deceptive advertising on social media.

Join Leslie Schafer as she discusses the price of an improper post on social media and how the FTC remedies against social media influencers and brands for deceptive advertising.

Episode #9

A look at how bootstrapping is used to derive confidence intervals.

Join Dr. Brian Kriegler as he discusses how resampling and bootstrapping are used to determine confidence intervals.

Episode #8

A conversation about Professional Development in our Los Angeles office.

Join Michael Trousdale as he discusses Professional Development at Econ One on our latest podcast.

Episode #7

A look in statistical significance in antitrust litigation.

Join Jeffrey Leitzinger as he discusses statistical significance in antitrust litigation.¬† His podcast is based off the article-¬†Statistical Significance and Statistical Error in Antitrust Analysis co-written with Phillip Johnson and Edward Leamer.¬† The article was selected as the 2018 co-winner …

Episode #6

An in depth look at employment dispute cases.

Join Charles Mahla as he discusses his work in employment dispute cases.