An Inside Look at Economics with the experts of Econ One.

Episode #18- A look at indirect purchaser cases and the increasing challenges economists face.

Join Managing Director, Phillip Johnson, as he discusses indirect purchaser cases and the increasing challenges economists face in such suits.

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Episode #15- Is Antitrust up for the challenge of taking on Amazon?

Join Managing Director Hal Singer as he discusses his Forbes.com article: How To Stop Amazon From Swallowing The Internet.

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Episode #12- An introduction to pass-through in price-fixing litigation.

Join Armen Markosyan as he gives a primer on the concept of pass-through in price-fixing litigation. He also discusses some of the challenges and complexities he faces as an economist in these types of cases.

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Episode #7- A look in statistical significance in antitrust litigation.

Join Jeffrey Leitzinger as he discusses statistical significance in antitrust litigation.  His podcast is based off the article- Statistical Significance and Statistical Error in Antitrust Analysis co-written with Phillip Johnson and Edward Leamer.  The article was selected as the 2018 co-winner of the annual Jerry S. Cohen Memorial Fund Writing Award.

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Episode #1- A look at Antitrust Class Certification Cases

Join Phil Johnson and Armen Markoysan as they talk about their experience in Antitrust class certification cases, common impact, and advice to plaintiff lawyers on what they need to consider at the starting phases of a class certification case.

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