Class action matters tap into our specialized knowledge and expertise.

At the certification stage, our experience applying rigorous analysis to complex data is more valuable than ever given the heightened scrutiny of class certification pleadings after Twombly and Hydrogen Peroxide. Economic analysis is key in assessing class-wide impact. We offer a unique combination of deep experience in commercial damages, survey tools geared toward obtaining relevant, defensible insights on large populations of consumers and statistical capabilities to manage, extract and clearly present relevant findings from the data. Our class certification experts know what to analyze, how to analyze it, and how to communicate the results clearly.

We have the resources, tools, and experience to manage the large volumes of data and documents required in class action matters. We have analyzed transaction-level databases in dozens of cases.  We also have evaluated decades of personnel data to determine patterns of employment practices. Our class action experience spans antitrust, consumer fraud, and employment matters.


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