Practice Areas

Corporate Data Analyses & Forecasting

Our data analysis and forecasting services are targeted at helping corporations gain insights from historical patterns and evaluate the potential future impact of market events on their business. We collaborate with our clients to develop insights using proprietary and public data. We utilize these data to develop models of future market conditions for various industries. Our analyses help our clients make purposeful data-driven decisions.  Our work includes-

Price and Demand Forecasting:  Using historical data and econometric techniques to model relationship between price and demand across a range of competitive and complementary products to help maximize revenue, profits and/or market share.

Forecasting Impact of Market Events: Evaluation and forecasting impact of events such as altered macroeconomic conditions, M&A activity and new entrants.

Sales Strategy Impact Analysis: Analysis and forecasting impact of product and sales strategies including bundling, self-cannibalization and new product introductions.

Econometric Modeling and Statistical Analysis: Development of econometric models for analyses of data including testing of hypotheses and modeling predictions using advanced statistical techniques.