Economic damages arise across a wide-ranging spectrum of disputes–antitrust, intellectual property, bankruptcy, contract breach, oil & gas royalty payments, wrongful termination and wrongful death, just to name a few. Damages analysis draws directly from our economic expertise and requires both a solid theoretical framework and real-world experience.  In our analysis, we frequently are required to posit a world where things would be different— where we compare the theoretical (what the world would have looked like in the absence of the alleged tort) and the actual (what did happen).

We apply a rigorous, methodological approach to gathering, understanding and analyzing the data. We develop the appropriate economic and econometric tools to measure the effects of the disputed events or actions. Our work is well conceived and well presented, thoroughly grounded in economic principles, and implemented using state-of-the-art economic, statistical and econometric tools. As with all our engagements, our findings are clearly communicated.

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