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Data Services

Want to know what your data is telling you about your case? We know your data sets are large and ever-growing in complexity. To be a solution to your data needs, Econ One created a highly specialized Data Services team especially to handle your complex data. The Data Services team is your solution to your data so you can focus on the analysis.

What you can expect from our Data Services team:

  • Complete data management from start to finish. We import, clean, and manage the data so you can be at ease with the findings.
  • Trained data specialists who are well-versed in the most efficient ways to handle data. Our team’s careful protocols protect against common errors made when handling complex data.

What makes our team a valuable asset to your case:

  • Our team is the first line of contact. Data Services will be responsible for importing, standardizing, and combining of datasets for analysis. At this point, your team will be ready to use the data and start your analysis.
  • We work alongside your team to ensure our work is clear and ready for immediate use. Have a question? Our team will walk you through the data to answer your questions in a clear manner.

We do not think data needs to be overwhelming. We are here to help. Let us take on the data challenge you are facing and give you a well-organized, resourceful, and effective look into your data.

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