Econ One economists have decades of experience in energy litigation and regulatory issues, with specialized expertise in the oil, natural gas, and electric power industries. We have analyzed markets, pricing, contract disputes, and the impact of regulation in nearly every segment of these industries. We have worked with resource owners, producers, consumers, utilities, and regulatory bodies to understand evolving energy markets. We also have helped evaluate implications of mergers among firms in the oil industry. Juries, policymakers, and industry personnel rely on our work, which has shaped litigation and regulatory outcomes in a wide array of matters.

Our energy clients get a team with economic expertise coupled with hands-on industry experience–experts in both theory and application. We dedicate time to following industry trends and staying on top of the latest news. By tailoring our services to the breadth and depth of each client’s needs, we are able to deliver answers that directly respond to their toughest questions.

We provide expert testimony, research, market design, regulatory strategy, business consulting, and operational analysis. And we always communicate our findings clearly and logically.


  • Antitrust & Market Power
  • Contract Breach
  • International Arbitrations
  • Merger Analysis
  • Oil & Gas Royalties
  • Infrastructure Investment Advice
  • Valuation
  • Renewable Energy
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