Econ One economists and statisticians have extensive experience in applying economic theory, quantitative methods and insights to complex issues in the financial services industry.  For over 20 years, we have provided both expert analysis and advice in litigation, arbitration and regulatory investigations.  We craft compelling arguments that are supported by rigorous methods and robust empirical evidence.

We also provide portfolio managers and financial institutions with data-driven tools to assist them in outperforming today’s markets. Our experts have extensive experience analyzing a wide range of securities, complex financial products and financial markets. We collaborate with our clients to enhance and extend their investment process yielding new insights and opportunities.

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  • Misstatement and Omissions
  • Event Study Analyses
  • Market Manipulation Claims
  • ERISA Claims
  • Insider Trading Allegations
  • Financial Portfolio Enhancement
  • Security & Portfolio Analysis
  • Trading & Marketing Dynamics
  • Strategy Testing
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