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Why Econ One India?

Our strength in India is our strength in every Econ One office: Our staff–a diverse group of professionals combining an impressive set of academic credentials with years of experience in the arena of hands-on, practical economic research. In fact, our economic experts bring over 100 years of combined hands-on experience analyzing competition issues in a variety of regulatory and litigation environments, including India, Europe, and the United States. Beyond competition analysis, these expert economists apply advanced economic techniques for a wide variety of clients on issues related to markets, trade, regulation, and consumer behavior. And as in all Econ One offices around the world, they provide a unique set of experience to economic research and consulting on issues relating to markets, competition, regulation, and valuation.

  • We are dedicated to providing high-value services to our India clients. This means: We serve our clients from India and abroad with economists who are knowledgeable about Indian markets.
  • We understand the competition landscape in India. This means: We have substantial experience in Indian competition matters, serving as both consultants and experts in the CCI.
  • Our staff are experienced with competition matters around the world, bringing an added level of experience to our Indian projects.
  • We provide research that is accurate and thorough using analytical approaches supported by economic theory and fundamentals of economic methods.

Econ One experts have testified in courts; administrative, legislative, and regulatory agencies; in arbitrations and mediations; and in international arbitration forums (ICC, ICSID, IACAC, UNICTRAL).

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Consultant Veena Pulpatta
Consultant Fajrul Ihsan
Consultant Vinay Ahuja
Consultant Megha Bisht
Analyst Punya Verma
Office Manager Ascentia Dorathy
Analyst Mahak Chopra
Consultant Kuriechill Chandrasekhar
Consultant Aleena Mathews
Senior Analyst Padma Priya
Economist Harishankar Jagadeesh
Economist Kalai Selvan
Economist Muthu Raman
Economist Arun Sathiya
Principal Economist Ramesh Karuppusamy
Senior Analyst Shweta Jain
Office Manager Ravi Kumar
Economist Pronay Dhwoj
Principal Economist Alisha Madaan
Managing Director Ram Tamarappoo
Economist Nishant Kukreja
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Managing Director John Ramirez
Principal Economist Nidhi Wadhwa
Principal Economist Sohini Chakrabarti