Practice Areas

International Arbitration

EconOne provides international arbitration services in cross-border disputes related to damages, valuations, markets, competition, and regulation. Our forensic and testifying experts are PhD-level finance academics associated with some of the world’s most prestigious universities. They also have global senior executive experience at companies including Coca-Cola and General Motors in Africa, Ricoh and Verizon Business in Europe, Shell Oil in Latin America, Zurich Financial Group, and Tetra Pak in Europe, Russia and the CIS.

Our C-Suite knowledge makes us particularly good at applying complicated economic and financial theory in straightforward terms easily understood by clients, attorneys and arbitrators. It also allows us to find opportunities for resolution that others miss. Because of this, many of our arbitration cases have been settled in our client’s favor before reaching tribunal and mediation forums.

Principal Practice Areas

Economic & Financial Damages: Our qualifications at the top echelons of finance mean EconOne can take on the most complex cases found anywhere in the world. We conduct detailed forensic economic and financial investigations to quantify fact-based tangible and intangible damages in issues including contract disputes, fraud, negligence, theft of intellectual property or money laundering.

Valuations: EconOne employs a mix of International Valuation Standards, market and asset approaches, and capital structure analysis to create reliable assessments that can withstand scrutiny from opposing counsel as well as legislative and regulatory bodies.

Socio-Economic and Environmental Financial Damage Assessments:  EconOne provides socio-economic and environmental services tailored to the relevant industry and sector. We educate our clients on their situation’s economic and financial implications and provide well-informed recommendations for moving forward.

We have done work in the following Forums:

  • American Arbitration Association
  • Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
  • Dispute Resolution Board of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, Columbia
  • High Court of South Africa
  • ICC
  • PCA
  • Singapore International Arbitration Center
  • Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
  • The Hague
  • S. District Courts
  • S. Bankruptcy Courts
  • S. State Courts
  • S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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Commercial Arbitration
Investment Treaty Arbitration
Economic Damages Calculation
Socio-Economic & Environmental Damages Calculation
Financial Damages Calculation
Business Valuation
Forensic Accounting Investigations
Economic Analysis
Financial Analysis
Quantum Analysis
Competition Analysis
Regulatory Analysis
Causation Analysis
Contract Disputes
Market Assessment
Prices Analysis
Energy Issues
Forensic Accounting Investigations
Natural Resources
Business Interruption Activities & Loss of Profits
Fraud & Money Laundering Investigations
Insurance Claims Litigation/Mediation

Our Team

Senior Economist Goran Vojvodic
Director Diego Adler
Director Marian Portero Collado
Director Juan Jose Davidovich
Managing Director Jean-Marie van der Elst
Director Rafael Pereyra Lago
Director Anton van Dorsten
Managing Director Ram Tamarappoo
Marc Martos-Vila EconOne Senior Economist
Senior Economist Marc Martos-Vila
Jeff Leitzinger pic
Managing Director Jeffrey Leitzinger
Lisa McGuff pic
Senior Economist Lisa McGuff
John Ramirez pic
Managing Director John Ramirez