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The need for probability estimates and statistical analyses not only arises across a wide-ranging spectrum of practice areas but at various stages of litigation as well. With the ever-increasing presence of data, it is critical to apply the right quantitative techniques and to interpret the results correctly.

We have the expertise, the years of experience, the knowledge base, and the computational resources to handle large quantities of data, to employ appropriate sampling and modeling techniques, to summarize the results graphically, and to explain the results clearly to our clients and the court.

As a testament to our quality, Think of Us is a non-profit organization dedicated to reforming child welfare systems through understanding the lived experiences of youth in that system. Think of Us approached Econ One to assist in data analysis on a microcash grant – an effort that generated the largest-ever dataset on foster youth by foster youth, with over 20,000 responses.

Econ One evaluated, cleaned, and anonymized the data to provide a working dataset to Think of Us that was used to create dashboards and other illustrations used to educate states on the needs of foster youth. Econ One also prepared an extensive report describing the results of various types of analysis performed on the data including basic data slicing and exploration, statistical analysis, and latent class analysis.

Econ One continues to provide pro-bono mentoring services to Think of Us as they develop their in-house data science capabilities.

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