Econ One has decades of experience evaluating claims of underpayments on behalf of both mineral and working interest owners of oil and gas produced on private, state, and federal lands. Our economists are experts in oil and natural gas valuation issues–with specialized expertise in the pricing and deduction methods utilized in the calculation of royalty payments. We have served as economic experts in private disputes, class actions, and qui tam actions, as well as in claims for declaratory and injunctive relief from royalty assessments. In addition, Econ One has served as the settlement administrator for several large classes of royalty interest owners.

Econ One’s Oil & Gas Royalty and Tax Settlements Database contains a wealth of information about hundreds of actions and more than $4 billion (2011 dollars) in recoveries.

We have a firm-wide dedication to providing high-value client service. And we always provide solutions that are well-conceived, meaningful and well-presented.

Our Staff


Valuation of oil, gas and liquids production

Analysis of proceeds and market value

Analysis of gathering processing and transportation costs

Analysis of actual and reasonable deductions

Analysis of affiliate relationships, transactions and pricing

Settlement administration

Calculation of royalty obligations on a class-wide basis


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