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The research process is paramount when answering valuation questions. Our process is enhanced by our economic know-how, a commitment to client service and our experience withstanding the scrutiny that comes with litigation work.

Econ One performs valuations of privately-held companies and individual business units, building a comprehensive picture of company finances, ownership history, tangible and intangible property holdings, market position and future prospects to paint a complete picture of current and potential future value. In addition, we apply our extensive experience in intellectual property matters to value portfolios of patents, trademarks, and other intangible assets. Our analyses follow standard and accepted valuation approaches, including assessments of appraisal values, development of discounted cash flow models, assessments of risk, identification of industry trends, benchmarking comparable transactions, and discounting for marketability and ownership control.
Grounded in theory and developed through careful, accurate analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, our research process is designed to uncover what is really going on in a market. We apply that same comprehensive research process to valuation questions that arise outside of (or before) the litigation process.

Employment stock option valuation
Settlement Services
Patents/Reasonable Royalty
Competitive Alternatives

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