In wrongful termination disputes, an analysis and review of broader economic measures of firm health is necessary to distinguish between unavoidable terminations and those that properly are labeled discriminatory. By completing a thorough and objective analysis, our economists are able to examine the fact pattern and identify whether other factors were involved in the alleged discrimination. This helps distinguish between real discrimination and recession-related downsizing. In addition, by reviewing industry statistics and trends, the local economy, and job market forces, we can help provide evidence supporting or refuting a discrimination claim.

While plaintiffs and defendants likely will disagree about the true root cause of the plaintiff’s termination, a thorough and well-reasoned analysis of the economic circumstances surrounding the dismissal is vital to either party’s success in prosecuting or defending these types of lawsuits.


  • Valuation of the loss of future salary and benefits including valuation of commission-based compensation plans
  • Valuation of employee stock options (for private and public companies)
  • Development/evaluation of various labor market outcome scenarios
  • Valuation of the loss of non-labor market losses (such as household services)
  • Valuation of economic damages specifically for illegal workers and non-U.S. citizens

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