Heather Roberts

White Plains

About Heather Roberts

Heather Roberts is an Economist with Econ One Research, Inc in New York. She specializes in financial modeling, industry analysis and valuation of firms, assets and merger and acquisition opportunities. Her experience includes research in equities, futures, and pension and mutual funds, covering business cycles, leverage, market manipulation, and alternative valuation scenarios.

Prior to joining Econ One, Dr. Roberts was a member of the equities and quantitative proprietary trading business at JP Morgan. She spent five years at Millennium Hedge Fund, working as a senior analyst in a $500m healthcare investment team. In addition to consulting, Dr. Roberts has lectured at the City University of New York, teaching at both Baruch and Queens Colleges.


Ph.D. in Economics, Graduate Center, City University of New York

M.B.A., Stern School of Business, New York University