Johnathan Boone

Los Angeles

About Johnathan Boone

Johnathan Boone specializes in the application of microeconomic theory. His work has been directed towards asset valuation, the utilization of game theory, and economic damage assessment arising from exclusionary conduct. His experience spans a number of industries including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, apparel, gas pipelines, packaged goods, barter networks, and credit cards.

Dr. Boone’s research has included the application of the Nash Bargaining Solution to assess reasonable royalties. More recently, his work has involved assessing exclusionary conduct by pharmaceutical companies related to generic competition. He has analyzed the competitive consequences of agreements which serve to settle patent infringement litigation through eliminating or delaying generic entry.

Ph.D. in Economics, University of California, San Diego
M.A. in Economics, Boston University, magna cum laude
B.A. in Economics and Mathematics, joint program, Boston University, magna cum laude

Work Experience
Econ One, September 1999 – Present